Combined Training

Combined training is a test of the pony and riders ability to perform a simple dressage test followed by a straightforward show-jumping round, both of which test the pony’s obedience, suppleness and calmness. The course of jumps in a combined training class may be higher than the corresponding pure show-jumping class but the course will be a lot less technical in the combined training, i.e. it will be a flowing course with straightforward distances.

Correct tack and rider turnout are detailed on the showjumping tack sheet and the dressage tack sheet. You will go through two tack inspections on the day and they are strict!

Seniors, members and intermediates must have passed their C test. Juniors should be of C test standard.

Ponies must be at least 5 years old in order to compete.

Get show-jumping experience at the many leagues held around the area. Remember that the qualifiers and the championships will usually be held on grass, so make sure you compete on grass in the early summer.The area qualifiers are held in July and the championship is held at the IPC festival.

Dressage experience can be gained at Dressage Ireland competitions and at pony club leagues and competitions. Remember that the flatwork you do every week is basically dressage. You should aim to ride a different test at home every couple of weeks, as this will give you a goal for your own schooling and also give you valuable experience in learning tests.

A full copy of the up to date Combined Training Rules is available online. It is recommended reading for anyone thinking of taking part at any level.