First and foremost remember that this is not SJI!!

Tack and rider turnout are as per the current Tack Sheet. Be very careful, as tack inspectors will not bend rules on either permitted tack or permitted clothing, spurs etc.

Ponies must be at least 5 years old in order to compete. This is one discipline in which passports are regularly checked.

The standard of jumping at the championships is very high. Winning your area qualifier is no guarantee that the team will be allowed to qualify for the final if the chief jumping steward is not happy with the overall standard.

Seniors, members and intermediates must have passed their C test. Juniors should be of C test standard.

Senior Individual Under 23 1.20m

Members Team(3/4) Under 21 and Over 12 1.20m

Intermediate Team (3/4) ‘Capt.John Leddingham’ Under 21 1.00m

Junior Team (3/4) ‘Robbie Bailey’ Under 14 90cm

Qualifiers and championships are usually held on grass so make sure you get outdoor experience on grass in the spring and summer. Fortunately there is plenty of opportunity to gain experience in show-jumping, without having to travel too far. Get out and compete at local training shows and leagues, gradually increasing the height as experience, confidence and fitness increase. Compete at different venues to broaden your ponies experience and gain practice over different course-builders types of course.

Remember it’s not the height of the jump that counts, it’s the quality of the canter in between the jumps that will make the difference. Neglect your flatwork at your peril!!

A full set of the IPC Show Jumping Rules, which set out the criteria for eligibility of horses and ponies for the various categories, is available online and is essential reading for anyone planning on competing at area or championship level as rules differ significantly from the SJI in some respects.