General Info for Members and Parents

Please be aware that guidelines and rules are subject to change at any time and we strongly reccommend that you check out the official Irish Pony Club Website to double check current policy on anything you have any doubts about. This page is meant to give you some of the basic stuff you need to know about joining or attending Pony Club.
IPC Guidelines For Parents

The East Donegal Branch of the IPC is not a baby sitting service!! Parents are expected to remain at rallies and events, or to designate a specific adult to be responsible for their child if they cannot be present for the duration of the rally. This is a safety and child welfare issue.

Ponies and horses must be at least 4yrs old to be ridden at pony club. All ponies must have a passport and be up to date on their flu vaccinations. There is no upper age limit for ponies but the pony must be capable of what it is being asked to do without stress or discomfort. A pony who is prone to stumbling through age or for medical reasons, rather than lack of schooling, is not safe.

Only hats marked with: PAS 015 (with BSI Kitemark), EN 1384 (with BSI Kitemark) Snell E 2001 and ASTM F1163 (with SEI) are approved for Pony Club activities. Crash helmets must be worn for cross-country riding. If like most of us you are watching the pennies, it makes sense to buy a crash helmet/skull cap, as it will be suitable for all activities. Hats must be worn with chinstrap correctly fastened at all times when mounted.

Body protectors must be worn for all jumping (Show jumping and cross country) Level 3 compulsory for cross country.

If tack is found to be ill fitting or unsafe, and it cannot be righted, the member will not be able to ride.

Members are expected to wear jodhpurs, their pony club tie and badge, white shirt with collar, gloves, hairnet (for male or female long hair!) and their branch sweatshirt at all pony club rallies and camps. Dress code may be relaxed at some specific training sessions but we do pride ourselves on our members neat appearance.

Only paid up members of the Pony Club, Instructors or nominated helpers may ride at Pony Club activities.

Join Pony Club
If you would like to join the East Donegal Branch you will need one of the original membership application forms. These can be obtained from the current DC or secretary whose contact details are on our club page. The recommended annual subscription is E95 per member but our branch currently charges just E75 for the first child from any family and E65 for each subsequent child.
Once your application is processed you will be issued with a membership card and you should bring this to any interbranch activities you attend. It also must be carried in your medical armband during any x-country events.